Invitation – International Joint Symposium on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ISONIS-12, ISMMS-5, ICAMS-2, and ICSFC)

Invitation from Organizers

Advances in technology to efficiently synthesize organic compounds have been remarkable in recent years, but it is extremely important to integrate organic reactions to supply complex bioactive compounds and organic materials more efficiently. In order to realize this proposition, it is important to not only develop new synthetic chemical methodologies but also to investigate growing instrumentation innovation, such as microreaction technology and photo-reactions using a flow system, etc. We must do our utmost to build this new paradigm as the society around us increasingly looks to scientists to increase well-being amongst humanity.

From these viewpoints, we have organized the International Joint Symposiums on Synthetic Organic Chemistry composed of the 12th International Symposium on Integrated Synthesis (ISONIS-12), the 5th International Symposium on Middle Molecular Strategy (ISMMS-5), the 2nd International Conference on Automated Flow and Microreactor Synthesis (ICAMS-2), and the International Conference on Super Functional Catalysts (ICSFC).

The objective of ISONIS-12 is to overview ongoing progress in organic synthesis as well as applications in interdisciplinary fields and to stimulate future research through the discussions from a wide range of viewpoints, such as basic concepts and principles, new methods and reactions, syntheses of new materials and medicinal agents, automated synthesis, and so on.

Middle-size biomolecules (MW ca. 400-4000) such as natural products, glycans, peptides, nucleic acid drug, etc. have high chemical diversity and various biological activities. To achieve a highly efficient synthesis of bioactive middle molecules by an innovative synthetic strategy based on reaction integration, the Grant-in AID for Scientific Research of Innovative Areas, titled “Middle molecules strategy: Creation of higher bio-functional molecules by integrated synthesis,” was founded by Prof. Koichi Fukase and colleagues. The ISMMS-5 is planned to not only showcase recent and excellent results of the research group but also to gauge the recent tide of the research field.

The “Group for Research on Automated Flow Synthesis and Microreactor Synthesis (GRAMS)” is composed of people from academic institutes, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, as well as hardware suppliers in the Kinka Chemical Society, Japan to overview ongoing work in two closely related fields: automated flow synthesis and microreactor synthesis. The chairperson of the GRAMS, Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida, and colleagues, held the ICAMS-1 in January of 2018 to stimulate further progress within the two fields, and then planned the ICAMS-2 for this year.

Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi is the project leader of the Accelerated Innovation Research Initiative Turing Top Science and Ideas into High-Impact Values (ACCEL) program supported by the JST funding agency of the Japanese government. The ICSFC announces the project aims and brilliant achievements focusing on the development of key chemical processes of extremely high efficiency, such as super-performance heterogeneous transition metal catalysts, prototypes of continuous flow chemical processes, and novel catalytic processes with ubiquitous metal and/or non-metal elements.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to Awaji and your active participation and discussions.

Prof. Kiyomi Kakiuchi (ISONIS-12), Prof. Koichi Fukase (ISMMS-5), Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida (ICAMS-2), and Prof. Yasuhiro Uozumi (ICSFC)